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Tip #3 - Size is Everything

Whether you're working in a small or a large space, you should always try to have the the same number of furniture pieces. For example in a lounge room you'll need a sofa, possibly an accent chair for additional seating, an occasional table for those cheeky glasses of wine, a coffee table which is essential for your interior decorating magazines, a console or buffet for extra storage or displaying pictures, a floor lamp, and lastly a rug that will tie it all together. And if you have an extra-large lounge room, don't be scared... Upscale!! Make everything bigger but make sure you keep to the same number of essential furniture pieces. So for example instead of a 2-seater sofa you'll likely choose a 3-seater sofa and instead of off-the-rack rug you may choose to have an extra large rug custom made to suit the proportions of your room. So how does your room measure up?
If you're finding the whole process a little overwhelming or would just like some advice, then why not talk to a Style Consultant at Henry & Oliver Co. we would be happy to help.
*Make sure you check back here very soon for our tips on how to choose the perfect rug and how to position it for your home.