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Contemporary Coastal Living - Look Book


Recently I have starting working with some new Clients who are in the process of redecorating or renovating and I keep hearing the same things over and over again..."I don't know where to start!" and "How do I put it all together?"
In answer to these questions I have recently suggested only taking on one room or project at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed and disheartened by the whole process... Remember this is supposed to be the fun part, but very often just deciding on a decorating 'Style', choosing the paint colour, picking your window treatments, managing the financials and suppliers is enough to exhaust anyone and so what we've decided to do here at Henry & Oliver Co. to make life a little easier is pull together a 'Look Book' for certain rooms using products that are exclusively available from our Store.
Our first Look Book is called, Contemporary Coastal Living. This look will appeal to anyone trying to achieve a relaxed Hamptons coastal interior with a sophisticated feel. Introducing black furniture or accessories can add some drama to your space, it can also become a focal point and have practical uses too such as our Black Louvre Buffet with lots of storage. Pairing this with lighter fabrics such as our Soft Blue French Lounge Chair and bespoke Sofa will soften the look and give you that sense space with a lovely breezy atmosphere. 
If you like this room and want more information or would like Henry & Oliver Co. to help you pull a Look Book together for your house, then why not make time for a Style Consultant to visit your home.