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Choosing A Hamptons Style Dining Table

Working out what the best style, shape and colour Dining Table will suit your lifestyle can be a tricky decision but we’re here to help you choose. Choosing the right Dining Table for you or your family is important; ever since open plan living became popular our kitchen/dining areas have become the hub of the home and in some cases your dining table a focal point! It can be a place where your kids do their homework, games are played, meals and special occasions are enjoyed.
Firstly, plan ahead… You can’t simply decide on a particular style of table without first considering your space. Planning your room by looking at your other furniture and its style? Where are the doorways? What type of flooring is there? How many people would you like to seat comfortably at your table? All of these questions will have an impact on whether you choose a large, small, round or rectangular table.
Round Tables are practical in high traffic areas, especially those with a single leg allowing enough leg room for a number of chairs. If you need something compact, square tables are best as they can easily be tucked into a corner. Large square tables can command a larger room, and can appear more overpowering than a traditional rectangle table. As most dining rooms are rectangular spaces, large square tables may restrict space; rectangular or oval tables are more suitable for these rooms.
If like me you love the Hampton Style Dining Room then a natural wood table with classic clean lines and beautifully carved legs, just like our Hampton Dining Tables on display in our Osborne Park Store.
At Henry & Oliver Co. we can offer you a bespoke furniture planning service. This unique service offering has been designed to help you select the correct size, style and colour for your personal taste and budget. 
You'll meet with one of our Product Consultants in-store who based on your brief will make product recommendations from the Henry & Oliver Co. range of furniture and provide advice on fabrics, colour, furniture dimensions and suitable accessories i.e. artwork.
Henry & Oliver Co. charge $150 for this service and bookings can be taken in person, online or over the phone (08) 9444 8838.
*Please note this is not an Interior Design Service, our Product Consultants can only make Henry & Oliver Co. product recommendations.