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Tips for Choosing Your Hampton Style Sofa

What Should I Consider?  

Whether you call it a couch, a sofa, a settee, or a lounge suite, the furniture you buy for your living room is a huge investment that you’ll want to get right! So if you have visions of sitting back and relaxing in a new comfy couch you need to ask yourself some hard questions before you commit…

What Style Sofa is right for me?

Should you choose a ‘trendy’ sofa? What fabric pattern should I choose? Will a loud print that’s popular today still be pleasing on the eye in a few years? If you have doubts keep the couch plain and go to town on cushions or throw rugs which are cheaper and easier to change.

What's my Sofa Made From?

Some other questions might be, what’s it made of? And will it survive years of use? It might look a million dollars now, but will it stand the test of time? At Henry & Oliver Co. our sofa’s are all Australian made using superior quality materials and offering a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years. My advice to everyone is buy the best quality you can afford because you’ll spend more time sitting on your sofa than driving your car and remember, a good sofa will last you many many years, if you invest wisely. Henry & Oliver Co. have great quality sofas to help you achieve your desired look.