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What's Your Perfect Bed Style?

Upholstered, sleigh bed, four-poster —the choice is endless when it comes to choosing the right bed that will suit your lifestyle and decor. We have put together a list of the most popular styles which will hopefully make your decisions a little easier…
Low-post bed. With the grandeur of a four-poster bed but less height, a low-post bed is a good choice when you want something traditional and a little less overpowering. Typically made from wood, the posts can be simple and straight or can feature more intricate details, also because its wood you’ll likely have a range of painted colour finishes to choose from.
French-style bed. The lover’s choice… This romantic style of bed will likely have ornate carved wood detail and upholstered head. They’re generally luxurious and very comfortable for sitting up to read in bed too. Also because it’s upholstered you’ll likely have a range of gorgeous fabrics to choose from or you can keep it simple with a classic cream fabric.
Sleigh bed. Most often made of solid wood, the sleigh bed is defined by its gently curving headboard and footboard, similar in shape to a sleigh. Because of the curved shape, a sleigh bed can be more comfortable for sitting up to read than other types of wood bed frames. 
Upholstered bed. If you love textiles, picking out a beautiful fabric for a custom upholstered bed can be a real treat — this style of bed is my personal favourite. They can come in all shapes and sizes and are so versatile. I dream of a deep-button studded headboard, valance base and tapered wooden legs.
In my opinion an Upholstered bed can create an inviting ambiance within your bedroom and depending on your choice of fabric velvet, linen, colourful or patterned it will most certainly reflect your own personal style…
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