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Adding the WOW factor to our garden on a budget!

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a very brief update on our renovation... this week we’ve finally decided on what we’re going to do in the front garden.


Where Should You Spend Your Money?

We had toyed with the idea of building a wall, maybe fencing, extending the carport and rendering the brickwork... this list could go on and on! Ultimately it came down to budget and where we want to spend our money. The front garden is enormous, even bigger than our backyard and so no matter what option we looked at they all seem excessively expensive especially when we considered that the cost of renovating our kitchen was going to be less then the garden!! 


Adding the WOW factor on a budget!

So we want kerb appeal & to give the house a facelift and maybe in a few years we’ll revisit the wall and carport idea... 

 For now we had the garden cleared so we could visualise how it might look. There was 2 mango trees that somehow managed to survive 6 months of broken reticulation and some really ugly Pine trees that the council won’t let us touch but otherwise nothing else could be salvaged. These pine trees also create another issue of very acidic soil because they constantly shed their needles... if I had my way they would be removed but for now we’re working with what we’ve got! 


After installing the new windows we had the porch tiled. This is by far my favourite feature in the house so far, Robert even mentioned the other day that he reckons this was one of my better decisions (I’m taking this a compliment). Also I had these tiles laid while I was in hospital having our little girl, what a lovely surprise to come home too. Since then we’ve had the garden cleared and next week we’ll be installing a winding path, white stones, planters and A LOT OF MULCH for those pine trees!  

Tune in next week for more updates... 

*tiles sourced from Tile Empire In Osborne Park.