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Create that Hamptons Look for Smaller Spaces

When we think Hamptons style, we see high ceilings and spacious, airy rooms that seem to effortlessly flow into one another. But, if the architecture of your house won’t allow that, there are still ways you can create that glamorous Hamptons look at home. Yes — even in a small space!

Bright & airy

When it comes to small spaces, brighter equals bigger. Soft, light-coloured walls will go a long way in brightening up your room and creating the illusion of space. You should extend this aesthetic to cabinetry, soft furnishings, and textiles as well.

Clever Details

An elegant look can easily be achieved with high-quality features and fixtures. Think marble benchtops, striking pendant lights, and black matte fittings. Using wall mirrors is an easy way to make any room look bigger, and can generally be achieved on a budget. They reflect light to amplify brightness, even in dimly lit rooms with poor natural light.

The right light

On that note, choosing bright, neutral-toned bulbs (not too warm, not too cool) will also help make rooms look bigger, and add that to that classic bright Hamptons aesthetic. However, if you’ve been blessed with a home soaked in natural light, a warmer bulb might be more suitable. Try a few and observe your space over 24 hours to see which suits your home best.

Coastal style

For that Hamptons  coastal-meets-luxe style, opt for natural materials like rattan, wood, and wicker, as well as white or white-washed surfaces. Be adventurous and bold by adding pops of colour with décor and homewares and chairs — in a small area, even just one or two pops can go a long way. Blue, green, and anything in-between is a great way to add some gentle accent tones to your space.

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