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Decorating with Cushions


Scatter cushions are a great and versatile way to transform a room. They add colour, interest and depth to a space with the added bonus of not blowing the budget! However, choosing the right cushions for your sofa or bed can often be a daunting task with so many different options to choose from.  At Henry and Oliver Co we’ve put together a few tips to help you decorate your sofa or bed like a professional.

1. Identify a Colour Theme

Look at the furniture and homewares in your room and decide on a colour that compliments your existing décor.  Once you’ve decided on a colour theme, a good place to start is by selecting a couple of base cushions in that solid colour.  

2. Mix and Match
Once you’ve got your base colour, build cushions around it that compliment.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, stripes and florals to create interest and a focal point.  A good starting point is to choose one solid, one stripe and one floral print.

Varying sizes and shapes also adds interest.  Start with larger cushions at the back and layer so that smaller cushions are at the front.  Finish the look off with a lumbar or circle shaped cushion.  You can also mix different textures together.  Try layering velvets, knits, linens and faux fur for that cosy relaxed feel.

3. Arranging

For your bed, try layering two or three pillow sizes. Start with larger cushions at the back and finish with a lumbar cushion at the front. The cushions don’t need to be symmetrical, just balanced. Play around until you create a look that you like.

A good place to start with sofas is to place two or three cushions in each corner. You can match the cushions, or alternatively choose cushions that compliment each other.

Styling your room with cushions can be lots of fun and a great way to add that wow factor to your room. At Henry and Oliver Co we have a huge range of stunning cushions to suit all your decorating needs. Visit us in store and our friendly team will happily help you choose the perfect cushion combination for your room.
Cate Byrne
Interior Designer
Henry and Oliver Co