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My Hampton's Home Renovation Journey

Welcome to all our new followers; this week I thought I'd take you all back to the beginning as it has been 7 months since we moved to our new home and a lot has changed since then... We've been busy installing new floors, plastering exposed brickwork, painting, wall panelling, revamping the back garden, new windows, new tiles and most importantly we've had a NEW BABY! After a hectic Christmas we welcomed Hannah Ellis into the world on the 18th January 2020!

Hamptons style has taken Australian interiors by storm in the last couple of years... Having moved from Ireland nearly 8 years ago we instantly fell in love with the fresh, airy palette of subtle colours, natural textures, relaxed beach-side vibes and ocean inspired greens and blues. We loved it so much we opened a Furniture & Homewares Store dedicated to bringing a little bit of the Hamptons to the Australian market! 

What is a Hampton's Style Interior?

Essentially, they fundamental element to Hamptons style is white, white and more white. Build on this with other key decorative elements and accent with touches of colour and texture where it counts.

Australia is the perfect climate for this classic coastal style of decorating and while the primary colours of blue, white & navy make an appearance I'm finding more and more that seafoam, mint green and soft teals are becoming more and more popular too. They are far easier to live with and tend to mirror our beautiful shorelines perfectly. If you're lucky enough to live in a warm climate or near the ocean then these softer tones are great for decorating and adding some personality to your home without being too overpowering.

Leaving Our Hampton's Home

So this we're packing up our memories and moving to our next adventure... We're saying goodbye to our beautiful home we've spend the last 5 years creating. We know we're going to have to work hard to create the home we want in our next house. Our new house as exposed brick walls, slate floors and brown windows so no doubt it will be an exciting transformation that Robert, Henry and I are looking forward to! 

Hampton Style Renovation experience

Just after we finished working on a small home reno project in our current house The Little House On Jackson we promptly put the house on the market and went on the hunt for our next project. What can I say, I love a good project...

We had only built The Little House On Jackson 5 years ago practically fresh off the boat from Ireland and completely new to the building process in Perth. Deciding to build rather than buy established was not the easiest route to take but we saw a great piece of land close to the coast and jumped in feet first. The idea of picking your finishes at 'pre-start' was a foreign concept to us, I wasn't entirely comfortable with this or confident we'd made the right choices! Since our initial pre-start selections in 2014 our choice of colour palette, flooring & furniture has now changed dramatically and so it seemed like the right time to update our home.

Hampton Style Ideas for the Future

Our previous renovation project although small in size has set us up with the experience and appetite to attempt a slightly more ambitious project and so this week we settle on our next home. It's an 80's built 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that literally hasn't been touched since it was built in 1985. It has a mixture of terracotta and slate tiles, purple/grey walls, exposed brick, brown windows and dark jarrah kitchen and original melamine yellow counter-tops. It's a little daunting as we'll have a limited budget and limited time since we also have to run our business (Henry & Oliver Co.) but we'll be taking it slowly and keep you updated with our progress as we transform our next house into our Hamptons Style Dream Home... 

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