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Hampton Style Open Plan Living: The Demolition Begins...

Hamptons style has taken Australian interiors by storm in the last couple of years... Having moved from Ireland nearly 8 years ago we instantly fell in love with the fresh, airy palette of subtle colours, natural textures, relaxed beach-side vibes and ocean inspired greens and blues. We loved it so much we opened a Furniture & Homewares Store dedicated to bringing a little bit of the Hamptons to the Australian market! 

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It's only been 10 days since we got the keys to our new home in one of Perth's Northern Beach suburbs. We are still renting temporary accommodation whilst we get the essential works carried out such as electrics, building/demolition and painting. Having had a long settlement we had lots of time to plan and so after months of thinking and over-thinking we engaged a local builder to help manage the process. Our builder has been invaluable to us as he has a list of essential tradespeople on hand which means things can get done quickly and efficiently. 

Instantly Create a Hampton Style Kitchen/Living Space?


Our kitchen and living room was separated by a wall with only one small door and a little arch window between  the two rooms. There was a few issues here the first and most annoying being that the only access to the backyard was through the living space. The kitchen and dining room felt dark and enclosed, this wall blocked natural light and in order to create the ultimate Hampton style kitchen/living room space we had to remove it. The wall removal was the only non-negotiable as the entire look & feel of the renovation hinged on opening up the space. Once removed the space instantly felt lighter and brighter and we were one step closer to my dream Hampton style home.

Next Steps in my Hampton Style Renovation

So once the wall had been removed we knew we had some more obstacles to face such as uneven floor levels, different colour floor tiles and exposed brick in one half of the newly created open plan kitchen/living space. We will be plastering the walls and we choose to pull up the original flooring throughout the whole house. We have decided to install engineered hardwood flooring and the installation is scheduled for next week providing the painting, electrics and plastering all happens on schedule. 

I'm already thinking about my furniture and have started working on my moodboards; here's a sneak peak at my first one I created this week!

Watch this space as we transform our 1980's house into our Dream Hampton's Style Home. To follow our journey sign up to our mailing list on the homepage here: SIGN-UP