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Kerb Appeal is Everything...

So whilst we've pre-occupied with having another baby (now 5 weeks old!) we have also been slowly chipping away at the Home Reno project... We've had a busy few months with Christmas, the arrival of Hannah & family visiting from Ireland but I feel like we're getting back on track now!

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The front of our dated 80's home was in serious need of a facelift not to mention the windows had all seen better days. So having shivered through the winter months with drafty windows we decided to replace the front windows with double glazing. In Ireland double glazed windows are standard but not so common here in Perth. 


We chose double glazing for their exceptional insulating properties and also noise reduction. We live on a busy street and so felt it was important to block out as much noise as possible from passing traffic. Also the thick white frames complimented our new front door and gave the front of the house a mini-facelift!

So after many quotes and lots of window companies we chose to go with Duo Glass ( We got an extremely competitive quote from them, in fact there was only a couple of hundred dollar difference between double glazed windows and the standard 6ml glass used by other companies. In my opinion it was well worth the extra $$$. 

This only a short update for now... Stayed turned for next week when I'll be talking about our plans for the front garden and where we sourced our gorgeous porch tiles.