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The 'New' Hamptons...

Photo: Inspire Me Home Decor

When we think of 'The Hamptons' style of interior decorating we automatically jump to navy, blue & white but in my experience Aussies are taking this timeless style and making it our own! 

Australia is the perfect climate for this classic coastal style of decorating and while the primary colours of blue, white & navy make an appearance I'm finding more and more that seafoam, mint green and soft teals are becoming more and more popular. They are far easier to live with and tend to mirror our beautiful shorelines perfectly. If you're lucky enough to live in a warm climate or near the ocean then these softer tones are great for decorating and adding some personality to your home without being too overpowering. 

However, if you are feeling like you need a little more drama in your life then you can always style all of these colours together. People tend to think everything needs to match and this couldn't be further from the truth... I love to mix and match florals, with bold patterns and different colour palettes.

So be brave and get some colour in your life!