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For many Australians, the kitchen is one of the key household hubs. Food is prepared here; it hosts the daily morning hustle and bustle and lazy Sunday brunch conversations; homework; and perhaps you remember the last communal baking effort! With modern Australian open plan kitchens, bar stools, or more correctly counter stools (due to their correct height) can play an integral part. We provide a few tips and tricks which will help you when faced with today’s myriad of options.
Barstools can add a lot of character to your kitchen. Due to their timeless designs,  Hamptons style barstools compliment a wide range of  kitchen styles. They have a unique mix of elegance, approaching throwback grandeur even, and yet are relaxed and laidback for daily congregations.

Our new still on the manufacturing line Providence barstools and the endearing Catherine barstools were designed with this in mind. Finished in beautiful satin white, these stools provide the perfect complement for a range of kitchen themes from whites and neutrals to bolder nautical palettes such as blue. Black finishes can be used to provide stunning contrast, while if you're after a more rustic theme, the Willow or Cross-back barstool could be your choice with the organic rattan on white look. Just to mention, we're in love with the natural beauty of rattan!

Functionally, it is important to consider the size and traffic space around your kitchen and bench, whilst most importantly not forgetting the number of people in your family!  It is easy to over-crowd with closely spaced stools resulting in difficulty getting on and off and you'll want to avoid clashing elbows among teenage boys!

Finally, we recommend that barstools should be easy to wipe down and clean - as we are talking about the kitchen after all. Accidents and spills will surely happen with younger ones, and …… sometimes the older members as well!

Hope that has helped in giving you some tips and tricks on barstool selection.