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Tips on Choosing a Round Dining Table

Choosing a dining table for your family is an important decision, and today we will provide some useful tips on when a round dining table can be apt.

Round dining tables inherently build a sense of closeness and warmth with family and friends over dinner, over activities such as board games or just catching up. It’s very shape is immediately relaxed yet elegant, and ensures equal access to the conversation where everyone can equally see and hear each other. During meals, round dining tables also importantly ensures food can be easily reached by all! 
Because of their shape, round tables can often work well in smaller spaces. They can enhance the overall functionality of a dining room and impose less on traffic ways. A 120cm sized table will comfortably fit four, and if supported by a pedestal, will provide good legroom for all.

When styling your dining room, a round table can add contrast and softness to the regularity of a room. Soft contrast can be added for example with the Hudson Round Oak Dining table, where the neutral tones of the solid oak wood finish is further contrasted with the white finish of the curved pedestal.