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How to Deal with Copycats & Comparisons

As your business grows you will most likely encounter others trying to copy your business model. Whilst this can be annoying and sometimes just infuriating it is also flattering. Just think there is someone out there taking the time to analysis and copy your business because they want to be as successful as you have been. Instead of searching for new business opportunities and creating something unique they are following you. In my experience businesses like this don’t last and if they do they’ll only ever be mediocre.

These copycat businesses or people are not entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word, they are not taking risks based on their own ideas and business acumen but instead hanging on the coat-tails of an already successful business model. I can empathise if you have a copycat business chasing you but remember YOU have made your business successful based on your decisions, your ideas and your determination. So, rest assured you have the skills to stay ahead of your competitors. Copycats have made me more ambitious, more creative, and more determined to stand out from the crowd. In my opinion the worst thing someone can say to me nowadays is your business is very like ‘insert copycat business name here’.  When I hear this comment, my heart sinks a little because as a business we strive to be individual and different. It’s tempting to become consumed by copycats and try and match or better what they are doing but one of the best pieces of advise I’ve ever heard was, “never mind what other people are doing they can’t help you run your business” (this was my husband Robert) Sign up to our email database to receive weekly emails with business updates & styling tips...