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How to be a Working Mum

This Blog post was written a couple of weeks back from a Hospital ward... I just had to share because although some Mum's make it look easy the reality of family life and having a career (any career) is exhausting and far from easy! 


What does being an Entrepreneur & Working Mum look like in the modern day world? Well, as I typed this post I was sitting in the emergency department of the new Perth Children’s Hospital whilst my 4 year old who had been sick for nearly 2 weeks was lying in a bed under observation for the past few hours (quite happily may I add watching a flatscreen TV!) and most likely to be admitted to hospital.

So, in a nutshell we’re due to close our store for the Christmas holiday season on Saturday 15th Dec (today was Thursday!) it was bananas busy, trying to get all customer orders completed and delivered before Christmas. We were due to fly out to Ireland to see family for Christmas on Tuesday (4 days time). We had staff off sick week & I’d had approximately 10 hours combined sleep in the past 10 days because I'd been up most nights with Henry and his high temperatures. We had a photo shoot planned for Monday before we flew out and I hadn't even looked for my suitcase in the garage!!! 

So the reality is most of the time being an Entrepreneur/working mum just means juggling a million things at once, managing stress, controlling your worries and putting on a brave face because the show must go on... 

On a more positive note, Henry made a full recovery from Glandular fever, we rescheduled our flights to Ireland but had to cut our trip short but at least we got there in the end!!!