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The Secret Life of An Entrepreneur

I used to think being an Entrepreneur and working for yourself all sounded like the dream job... In fairness having watched my parents run a business I should have know better than to by into the media hype of "if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life"; in fact it is the complete opposite of this quote that rings true for me.

While I really do like my chosen profession, I like many others I'm sure have had countless other jobs and career changes throughout my 20's & 30's but none of them have ever given me the sense of achievement I feel now. I always used to ask myself "can I see myself doing this job in 20+ years?" If the answer was 'no' then it was time for me to move on... I felt my whole career hinged on pleasing senior management/an organisation in order to advance my career. This also requires 'networking', a skill I DO NOT possess but I'll talk about that later.

So what's life really like? It's busy, there are no more 5pm finishes on Fridays, jump in my car, not a care in the world knowing anything unfinished could wait till Monday. I wonder will there ever be another holiday where I don't feel guilty for being away or  worried my business will fall apart without me. So the truth is whilst you call the shots the sheer essence of being an Entrepreneur means that your always thinking a million miles an hour, you'll never fully switch off (ever again) and you'll find days or even weeks where you feel as if your on a treadmill with no off switch. You'll wake up thinking about your business, you'll spend all day working on your business and you'll sit on the sofa every night annoying your partner cause you want to talk about the business... 

In short it is all consuming and rewarding at the same time. But if you think you'll clock off at 5pm or spend your free time sunning yourself on holidays think again! Now maybe this is just the early days, maybe life does get less hectic, maybe you can take life at a slower pace once your business is established... check back with me in 2022!