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Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Social Media: A necessary evil in the modern-day world of business. In theory whole businesses can be built and run from your phone and across social media platforms. This thought is quite incredible when you consider less than a generation ago Facebook, Instagram and twitter didn’t exist. Now, social media is king when it come to modern day business. It seems everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account. I use Facebook and Instagram daily, so these are the only channels I can comment on so here goes… I have a love-hate relationship with social media, on one hand it has been hugely beneficial in growing awareness and sometimes sales for our company. On the other hand you can loose hours or even days thinking what content to post, what you should say, responding to user comments and sometimes negative feedback. It can be hard not to take negative comments personally, especially in the early days when your business feels like your first born. Even the slightest hint of a nasty comment can make feel like deflated and so disheartened. I learned that my reaction to these negative comments is just a reflection of how vulnerable and insecure you can feel as an entrepreneur. You’ve put your heart and soul into a business only to have some flippant comment on your Facebook feed, no doubt from someone who’s never ran their own business… You can have a great week with lots of positive feedback, nice customers and yet all it takes is one nasty comment on your Facebook feed to knock you off your stride. These comments can affect you emotionally and its taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that you can’t please everyone and sometimes people are just nasty for reasons you’ll never understand. You shouldn’t waste your time analysing these comments because in the end they are adding no value to your business. Spending time worry or wondering why someone wrote something is pointless and is take valuable time away from running your business. Remember, you’re not special, these comments are not directed at you personally and rather someone else’s perception of your business. So, stop worrying about what others think of you because it’s none of your business!