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What is an Entrepreneur?

What does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? It seems anyone with an Instagram account or Facebook page can start a business these days but is this entrepreneurial in the true sense of the word? The answer is yes, anyone who starts a business, takes advantage of opportunities or risks their pride to create something new is an entrepreneur in this every increasing digital age. For me however, I’m an old fashioned kinda gal, born in 1982 and growing up in a time when there were no mobile phones, internet had a dial tone and not everybody had a computer in their home; I even remember queuing in the library of my University to use a computer and save my thesis to a floppy disk! So, for me an entrepreneur will always be someone on the front line of selling, meeting customers daily, dealing with staff issues, managing money and always thinking of new ways to grow their business. To me this means doing business in real-time, there’s no hiding behind a phone or computer answering call or emails, the old-fashioned entrepreneur had to deal with people face-to-face, had less time to strategize and instead had to think on their feet made decisions based on a gut feeling rather than hours or sometimes days or weeks of thinking. This is me, constantly thinking; I can’t stand indecision; I like to make quick decisions based on my gut (these are not always the right decisions but as an entrepreneur you also earn the right to make mistakes, nothing is perfect) After all making quick decisions or over-thinking things can both cost you money in the end. I always new that one day I would run a business I just had no idea what that would be…

Here's a pic of the first day we picked up the keys to the shop!