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Part 1: The Little House on Jackson

Over the last year I've been working on a small home reno project of my own because running a business isn't time consuming enough I decided we needed to update the kitchen. The kitchen update quickly snowballed into having the floors done, painting the whole house, designing new furniture and revamping the garden much to Robert's dismay! What can I say, I love a good project...

(Photo: The Little House on Jackson 5 years ago)

We actually only built our house 5 years ago practically fresh off the boat from Ireland and completely new to the building process in Perth. Deciding to build rather than buy established was not the easiest route to take but we saw a great piece of land close to the coast and jumped in feet first. The idea of picking your finishes at 'pre-start' was a foreign concept to us, I wasn't entirely comfortable with this or confident we'd made the right choices! Since our initial pre-start selections in 2014 our choice of colour palette, flooring & furniture has now changed dramatically and so it seemed like the right time to update our home.

Also, since 2014 we've added another member to our family, Henry. Then we started our Furniture & Interiors Store Henry & Oliver Co. So how we lived in this space was entirely different to when we first built the house. Our pre-child existence of going out for dinners, to the beach and on holidays no longer existed and instead our lives now revolved around the house. We had play-dates at the house, we had friends around more often (definitely easier once you've had a child), we work from home daily and in general the main living space became the hub of the home. We live in a modest 170 square meters including the garage and so the brief was to maximise our living space, bring more light into this space and to bring the outside in. 

We identified what the priority areas were (and of course Robert's priorities and mine turned out to be completely different). Stay tuned for more updates on our home reno or follow #thelittlehouseonjackson on @instagram