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Part 3: Choosing the Wall Colour & Flooring

Once we finished in the kitchen it was time to think of the bigger picture. The floor cover was a dark walnut and although warm and inviting it sucked the light out of the room. We also had a very cool grey on the walls call "winter mushroom white" which fought against the warmth of the floor covering. 

The room was north-west facing and so we get a lot of natural light but the warmer sunsets didn't work with the cool grey paint and the floors just made the space seem smaller than it was. We wanted the paint colour to feel fresh, crisp & warm.

So began the search for the perfect white... Anyone who has painted their home will know the pain of finding a "white" colour, there are literally hundreds of variations that a first glance all look the same and it can be easy to choose something that in your home will look too yellow, too green, too blue and the list goes on!

My advice will always be to go with your instincts, you'll find that naturally your drawn to certain shades and these will sit better with you in your home. Remember too the all paints can be customised, once you choose a skilled painter they should be able to do this for you. Each paint colour is made up of certain parts or colour components that are adjustable. We chose Dulux Natural White and removed 2 parts yellow to get the perfect white colour for our home. 

Once you narrowed down your colour choices paint large sample on your wall and look at the over a 24hr period in different lights to make sure you like it. Our living room looks completely different in the morning than the afternoon and a sunny day versus a dull day, this is all just based on the amount of natural light in your home on any given time of day. 

Next we had to choose the flooring and like paint colours the choice is endless... We visited some display homes to see what worked and what we liked and asked who the flooring supplier was. We found out the Trevor's Carpets was the supplier to a number of display homes that we liked and so we started our search there. They allowed us to choose multiple flooring colours and samples to take home, we brought the home once we'd painted the large swatches of Dulux Natural White on the walls. We placed each colour beneath the sample swatches and similar to paint colour we had to look at the flooring in different lighting to ensure we made the right choice. 

If you'd like to know more about the supplier we used and colours we chose you can email me directly on

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