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Top 10 Tips for Re-styling or Re-decorating

Embarking on a re-styling or re-decorating project can seem like a daunting task unless you're a professional. But don't worry it will also be a really exciting time and I've put together my top 10 tips to help you on your way. I'll be posting one tip every day for the next 10 days...

TIP #1

The hardest part of starting is knowing where to start. Firstly don't try and take on too much. The thought of redecorating an entire house can be overwhelming but instead break it down in to small manageable pieces. Start by choosing just one room in your home. Then pick just one thing in that room that you would like to change, it can be anything! In my first house, it was a colour I fell in love with. I came across a living room image in a magazine, it was painted in a luxurious yet playfully and happy green colour. And so I went hunting for this colour which turned out to be Dulux Sage Green (half). This was my starting point and from there everything else followed a little easier... Can you find your starting point?
If you're finding the whole process a little overwhelming or would just like some advice, then why not talk to a Style Consultant at Henry & Oliver Co. we would be happy to help.